Week in Review, July 11-17

Our Park League and Golden Age of Self-Expression shows, continued last with Kin Robles talking about his experiences as a Franklin Eagle,  and encounters that he had with former SF Giant Chris Speier.  Chris had a great Major League career, that was nurtured by Park League Baseball at Franklin Park. Kin not only told baseballContinue reading “Week in Review, July 11-17”


Week in Review, July 4-10

Last week we continued our series on the legendary Alameda Park League Baseball with special guest, James McGee. James who authored the Alameda Legends series of books, shared stores about his experiences at Edison, Lincoln, & Krusi Parks. He told great stores about lessons learned and life-long friendships that were built. This Park League seriesContinue reading “Week in Review, July 4-10”

Week in Review, June 27-July 3

Last week we began two new programs On Tuesday we celebrated the summer by releasing the first episode of our series on the legendary Alameda Park League Baseball. Park League Baseball, sponsored by the Alameda Elks and run by the bigger than life, Lil Arnerich and the Alameda Recreation and Park Department In the firstContinue reading “Week in Review, June 27-July 3”

Gratitude Challenge, Day 43 of 100 “The Big Send”

Today I’m grateful for the little things that we can do to make a difference. Yesterday, 145,000 of my best friends, including my Toastmaster friend Lisa Fairchild, and I participated in the Vote Forward “BIG SEND.” https://votefwd.org/ Together, we mailed a over 15 million hand written notes encouraging potential voters to vote. Why did weContinue reading “Gratitude Challenge, Day 43 of 100 “The Big Send””

Gratitude Challenge, Day 42 of 100. “Another Night of Baseball Tension”

I keep saying, the greatness of baseball is not excitement it’s in tension. It was tension, that made the American League Championship Series great. With the Tampa Bay Rays winning the first three games, there wasn’t a lot to talk about. When the Astros won Game 5, and then made a series out of itContinue reading “Gratitude Challenge, Day 42 of 100. “Another Night of Baseball Tension””

Gratitude Challenge, Day 41 of 100. “The Blessing of Being a Work in Progress”

Wow! My last gratitude challenge post was September 18! The intention was to post one every single day for 100 days. While that didn’t happen, today I’m grateful that we’re all works in progress. What a blessing! No matter the journey, if we trip up, we can pick ourselves up and get back into it.Continue reading “Gratitude Challenge, Day 41 of 100. “The Blessing of Being a Work in Progress””

Gratitude Challenge, Day 40 of 100 “A Bright Sunshiny Day”

To paraphrase Johnny Nash, “I can see clearly now, the smoke is gone.” While I hear the air might be smokey again tomorrow, today was a great day to walk. I did the one hour loop that took me through the Safeway Shopping Center, down Island Drive, past the Harbor Bay Club and then onContinue reading “Gratitude Challenge, Day 40 of 100 “A Bright Sunshiny Day””

Gratitude Challenge, Day 39 of 100, “Vote Forward”

I’m grateful today because I found another productive activity that keeps during the pandemic. Vote Forward is an organiztion of volunteers who write handwritten notes to potential voters in swing states, encouraging them to get out and vote. We’re asked to write a handwritten non partisan message describing why we choose to vote. My messageContinue reading “Gratitude Challenge, Day 39 of 100, “Vote Forward””

Gratutude Day 38 of 100, “The Privlidge of Staying in When the Air is Bad”

As nwas starting to wake up this morning, seeing that it was still dark, I thought it was about 5:00 AM. I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the clock and saw it was 6:45. I ate breakfast, got some work done and this is what the front courtyard looked like at 9:45 AM.Continue reading “Gratutude Day 38 of 100, “The Privlidge of Staying in When the Air is Bad””

Gratitude Challenge, Day 37 of 100, “An Afternoon With Tom Seaver on YouTube”

After three days journaling personal gratitude, today I’m back to the public gratitude. This afternoon, I opened up Uncle YouTube and watched Game 4 of the 1969 World Series. The game had everything: Seaver took a 3-hit shut and 1-0 lead into the 9th inning. After getting the 1st out, he gave up a singleContinue reading “Gratitude Challenge, Day 37 of 100, “An Afternoon With Tom Seaver on YouTube””