Gratitude Challenge, Day 42 of 100. “Another Night of Baseball Tension”

I keep saying, the greatness of baseball is not excitement it’s in tension. It was tension, that made the American League Championship Series great. With the Tampa Bay Rays winning the first three games, there wasn’t a lot to talk about. When the Astros won Game 5, and then made a series out of it by winning Games 5 and 6, forcing tonight’s Game 7, the tension kept building.

When the Rays built an early lead that became 4-0, tonight’s game became a microcosm of the series. It was the tension in tonight’s winner take all game that more than made up for the lack of excitement.

  • Nick Anderson induced a double play ground ball from Yuli Gurriel, who was up with two men on in the 7th.
  • Carlos Correa knocked in two runs in the 8th to make the game 4-2. Pete Fairbanks struck Alex Bergman with the tying run at first to get out of the inning.
  • With Gurreil on base in the 9th, Josh Redick and Adelmys Diaz represented the possible tying runs.

There’s something about the Houston Astros that made me think that Redick or Diaz would get the big hits that would turn the game around. Sort of like the way the Astros always got the big hit against the A’s. It didn’t happen because the tension left the building for good when Diaz’s fly ball landed in Manuel Margot’s glove for the final out.

Now that the tension is gone from the Astro-Rays series, it will present itself tomorrow in Texas when the Braves and Dodgers play their own game 7. While we’re watching, let’s embrace the tension and come to terms with the fact that it’s not baseballs job to overwhelm us with excitement.

As always please leave comments about what you’re grateful for and help us find that shining needle of common ground in that scary haystack of fear.

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