Week in Review, June 27-July 3

Last week we began two new programs On Tuesday we celebrated the summer by releasing the first episode of our series on the legendary Alameda Park League Baseball. Park League Baseball, sponsored by the Alameda Elks and run by the bigger than life, Lil Arnerich and the Alameda Recreation and Park Department In the first episode, we interviewed Dan Pereira, Kevin Kearney, and Steve Sorensen who played for the 1968 Little Coast Champion, Krusi Colts. Fifty three years later, all three still love baseball and are playing in a 65+ baseball league.

On Thursday, we released Episode #1 of “The Golden Age of Self Expression.” The idea behind “The Golden Age of Self Expression” is, whether we speak, sing, or scribble our ideas on a piece of paper. Whether we dance, draw, or doodle, there’s a platform out there for us to express our ideas. The best part is, we don’t need to get anyone’s permission. Our first guest, Jazz Musician Ashley Orlando shared her experiences and suggested that we can rejuvenate our energy by nurturing our creative side.

This Tuesday, author James McGee will talk about growing up around sports in Alameda and on Thursday Rasheed Hooda will talk about embracing his inner weirdo.

Please enjoy the episodes, all are on this website. Please also, like, share, comment, and subscribe, so this message can go far and wide. We’ll find that shining needle of common ground in that haystack of fear.


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