Week in Review, July 4-10

Last week we continued our series on the legendary Alameda Park League Baseball with special guest, James McGee. James who authored the Alameda Legends series of books, shared stores about his experiences at Edison, Lincoln, & Krusi Parks. He told great stores about lessons learned and life-long friendships that were built. This Park League series is very rewarding. After both episodes, I’ve heard from former Park Directors, players, and other members of the community, sharing stories, experiences, and memories.

Thursday, was Episode #2 of “The Golden Age of Self Expression,” with special guest, Mr. Weirdo, aka Rasheed Hooda. Mr. Weirdo showed his unique view on the term, weirdo as he described the freedom that comes once we embrace our inner weirdo. He has an entertaining way of describing his experiences.

This Tuesday, Kin Robles, founder of Play Ball Alameda will share the positive Park League experiences that he had and how it motivated him to produce a documentary. On Thursday, Elly Stornebrink describes what it means to be a lover of hearts and an intuitionist.

Please enjoy the episodes, all are on this website. Please also, like, share, comment, and subscribe, so this message can go far and wide. We’ll find that shining needle of common ground in that haystack of fear.


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