Gratitude Challenge, Day 41 of 100. “The Blessing of Being a Work in Progress”

Wow! My last gratitude challenge post was September 18! The intention was to post one every single day for 100 days. While that didn’t happen, today I’m grateful that we’re all works in progress. What a blessing! No matter the journey, if we trip up, we can pick ourselves up and get back into it. This happened when I completed my degree from the University of San Francisco at age 34 after dropping out of community college at age 20. At least five times, I’ve motivated myself to lose weight. Things would go well until I gained the weight back. The bottom line is we can always forgive ourselves and re-enter the journey. I bet you’ve also stepped away from something and then come back to complete it.

The month that’s passed since my last post has been eventful. There have been some frightening events, incredible support from family and friends, along with some well timed miracles that my family and I will always be grateful for.

Please share with us what you’re grateful for. Is there a journey that you’re on that’s progressing well? Is there anything you’ve stepped away from that you need to get back into? Please leave your comments below and let’s honor the fact that we’re all works in progress.

As always, let’s keep looking for that shining needle of common ground in that scary haystack of fear.


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