Week in Review, July 11-17

Our Park League and Golden Age of Self-Expression shows, continued last with Kin Robles talking about his experiences as a Franklin Eagle,  and encounters that he had with former SF Giant Chris Speier.  Chris had a great Major League career, that was nurtured by Park League Baseball at Franklin Park. Kin not only told baseball stories, he talked about the games that he and his friends invented and how they all learned how to settle disputes in ways where they could move on and continue games and form life long friendships.

In The Golden Age of Self-Expression, Elly Stornebrink talked about how she expresses herself in ways that help her physically, mentally, and spiritually. After dealing with shyness for most of her life, Elly took some steps to leave her comfort zone and confront the shyness.  Elly encourages people to find a creative outlet. “If you’re uncomfortable speaking, find a different modality.” She also suggests, “pushing ourselves, getting out of our comfort zones, extend our boundaries, learn and grow.”

Next week, we’ll be releasing Episode #4 of our series on Park League Baseball.  Our featured guest will be Sam Spear, a Lincoln Lion who went on to develop the training program for youth umpires and write the articles for the Play Ball section of the Alameda Time Star.  Sam made a career out of sports working for the Oakland A’s, hosting a radio show on Horse Racing, and becoming the “Face of Horse Racing” in Northern California

Please enjoy the episodes and as always, please like, share, comment, and subscribe, so this message will go far and wide.  We’ll find that shining needle of common ground in that haystack of fear.


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