Week in Review, July 18-24

We had a fun week in the in the Productive Discourse world. On Tuesday we released the Episode #4 of our series on Alameda Park League Baseball. Our special guest was the legendary Sam Spear who is best known for training the youth umpires. In our discussion, we learned that Sam also produced the Play Ball section that appeared weekly in the Alameda Times Star. The Play Ball section documented all the games that took place during the week. The Player of the Week award was bestowed on an outstanding player who excelled on the field. Sam has gone on to become a well known member of the SF Bay Area media, still doing the weekly “At the Races” show on KNBR Radio. He’s become the face of the Golden Gate Fields Race Track.

Episode #5, “Women Leaders in the Parks” will be released tomorrow. Guests are Adrienne Chaix-Alexander, Cindi LaCroix, Denise Ratto, and Keri Spaulding. All were directors at local parks and were outstanding role models for the kids of our community.

On Thursday we’ll be releasing Episode #4 of “The Golden Age of Self Expression,” featuring Bett & Steve Bollhoefer. Bet is a blogger, speaker, software leader and Immediate Past District Director of our Northern California Toastmasters District. Steve is a violinist and Alexander Technique Teacher. Bett and Steve detail the variety of ways they express themselves as we talk about their feelings, perspectives, and experiences.

Please enjoy the episodes and as always, please like, share, comment, and subscribe, so this message will go far and wide. We’ll find that shining needle of common ground in that haystack of fear.


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