The Impact of Josh Gibson

Looking forward to our February 22nd show featuring Sean Gibson, Great-Grandson of Hall of Famer Josh Gibson. Sean tells captivating stories about Josh Gibson’s baseball career and the work of the Josh Gibson Foundation.

As the Major League Baseball Lockout begins to impact Spring Training, I’m also going to explore the career and life of Curt Flood who changed the business of sports.

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This Week in Sports:

******I’m not sure how I felt about Super Bowl LVI, an exciting game came that came down to a exciting finish. Strange thing is, during the week leading up to the game, I wasn’t really into it. While I know I would have been more excited if the 49ers got in, I think with Tom Brady out of the picture, there wasn’t a hero/villain. In any event, even though I watched the game, I multitasked, stepped away from the TV a few times, and didn’t get into it like I usually do.

******WM Phoenix Open, which is great pre-Super Bowl entertainment was won by Scottie Scheffler. This is one of those events where the only people who care who won are the winner, families of the winner, and the people who almost won. The best part of the tournament is the stadium setup with wild fans on the 16th hole. The crowd exploded when Sam Ryder and Carlos Ortiz ACED the hole over the weekend.

*******With this being the week pitchers and catchers should be reporting to Spring Training, the lockout clock is ticking. While I’m not the labor/management expert, they’re not really arguing about the huge $30+ Million contracts. They’re arguing about things like service-time and when players can become free agents and get the big money. Some teams delay bringing a young player up from the minor leagues to delay the start of the “service-time clock.” Last year, the Giants had success moving players up and down from the minor leagues. If they were going through a period where they felt they needed an extra pitcher or two, they’d send a couple of hitters to Sacramento for a week and bring up a couple of pitchers.  Over the course of time, that affects service-time.  Whether this is a good idea or not, the players and owners need to hash it out.

******On Thursday evening, the Oakland City Council voted to approve the Environmental Impact Report for the Howard Terminal site of the proposed new stadium for the A’s. A’s President Dave Kaval says that the project will revitalize the area. The shippers who use the port fear the Port of Oakland will be weakened by the project. While I don’t know who’s correct, last spring Kaval behaved in a way that caused me to lose trust in him, along with owner John Fisher. I also have vivid memories of the Raiders fleecing the City of Oakland when they came back in 1995, only to move to Las Vegas. The funny thing about current A’s situation, they don’t even have a product to put on the field! As it stands now with the lockout, there is no major league baseball to be played in Oakland, Las Vegas, or anywhere else. As far as I’m concerned, every minute Kaval spends complaining about the challenges the A’s are facing in Oakland is a minute he could be spending collaborating on a solution to the lockout. #my2cents

Please enjoy the show and leave comments. Agree or disagree, I love the dialogue.

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