Women of the Negro Leagues; Toni Stone, Mamie Johnson, Connie Morgan, Effa Manley

I’m very excited that our Tuesday February 15th show will have two guests describing the female influence on the Negro Leagues.

Ashleigh Curry will talk about directing and acting in the film, “Toni, Mamie, and Connie,” a film about Toni Stone, Mamie “Peanut” Johnson, and Connie Morgan’s experiences playing for the Indianapolis Clowns. Ashleigh talks about their experiences, challenges, and determination that not only helped them as athletes, it served them well in their lives beyond sports.

Jim Overmyer is the author of “Queen of the Negro Leagues, Effa Manley of the Newark Eagles.” Overmyer talks with us about Ms Manley’s experience as a community leader, a team owner who went toe-to-toe not only with her fellow owners in the Negro Leagues, she stood up to Major League owners.

The show will air at 9:00 AM Pacific, Noon Eastern at this link: https://www.365sportscast.com/thenegroleagues

This week in sports:

******As I watched Episode #6 of “Cool Under Pressure.” The documentary about Joe Montana that’s on Peacock, I thought of my Mt. Rushmore of Bay Area Superstars; Willie Mays, Joe Montana, Rickey Henderson, and Stephan Curry. Anyone’s personal decision on who the best is, is probably based on how old they are. You have to be at least 49 years old to have even been alive when Willie was playing. You have to be 28 years old to remember Joe!

Willie was a mythological figure to me. By the time I was born, he had been in the Majors for about 7 years, he was in his 30’s when I started comprehending things. My first memory of Willie is his 511th Home Run tying Mel Ott for the top of the National League list. I was 8 years-old and the buzz around the Bay Area was incredible. It actually took him about 2 1/2 weeks to break the record, finally hitting #512 off of Claude Osteen and the Dodgers.

I got emotional watching the Joe, documentary, remembering everything like it was yesterday. By the time Phil was born, Joe had won two Super Bowls, Phil was a toddler sitting on my knee when Joe hit John Taylor for the touchdown to win the Super Bowl XXIII and then winning again the next year. I feel like I was in on the ground floor, watching it in real time while it was happening.

******I’ve enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics this week, particularly the skiing. While I don’t know many of the competitors, it’s still fun to watch. I’ll never forget the days of Jean-Claude Killy, Franz Klammer, and Alberto Tomba. We not only got to watch them in the Olympics, we really got to know them watching ABC Wide World of Sports which was must see TV on Saturdays for Baby Boomers.

******The news of the senseless murder of Gene Ransom was devastating. A member of the Cal Basketball Hall of Fame, Ransom was a 5’9″ Guard for the Golden Bears in the late 70s. In 1977, Ransom played 63 minutes in a 5-overtime game against the Oregon Ducks, scoring 36 points in a 107-102 victory.

A three sport athlete, out of Berkeley High, he signed with the Golden State Warriors in 1979 and later played Minor League Baseball for the Oakland A’s. He had just celebrated his 65th Birthday in January. Rest in Peace Mr. Ransom.

******Former Oakland Athletic, Jeremy Giambi was another tragic loss this week, committing suicide at the home of his parents. Let’s pray that Jeremy is at peace and that his family finds peace and comfort.

I hope all of us stay healthy and well. That said, we’re living in complicated times with no roadmap. If feel overwhelmed, or just don’t feel well, please reach out and talk with someone. There are people out there who love you.

Let’s find that shining needle of common ground in that haystack of fear.

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