Gratitude Challenge, Day 33 of 100, “Mrs. Taddei’s Chicken Dinner.”

Today I’m grateful for the wonderful dinner that I had with Kathryn tonight.  The Zoom meetings started at 7:00 AM this morning, I bailed out at around 2:00.  Although there was still a couple of hours to go on that particular, after having a bad night of sleep last night, I couldn’t go on.  My brain needed a rest.  There was also another 90 minute call scheduled for 4:00 that I logged onto after my rest.

The quiet dinner that I had with Kathryn was soothing to the soul.  She made chicken recipe that Kathryn made for dinner with a tasty sauce and a nice salad with tomatoes, garbanzo beans, with some Mozzarella Cheeze mixed in.  A great relaxing dinner with a homemade brownie for dessert.  I love you Kathryn.

What are you greatful for?  Please leave your gratitued comments and let’s find that shinning needle of common ground in that scary haystack of fear.




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