Gratitude Challenge, Day 34 of 100. “My Audible Book Account”

About six months ago, at the suggestion of my Toastmasters friend Ron, I ordered “Team of Rivals,”  by Doris Kearns Goodwin.  I love history and would love to learn more about Lincoln so when Ron told me that it was 800 pages, I took it as a challenge.  The book came, I saw it was only 750 pages, I was pleased and got started.  What a challenge!  Kearns- Goodwin wrote the book in dialogue that you would have heard in the 19th century.  I was spending so much time re-reading that it wore me out.  Finally, on Sunday, I put it down and ordered the Audible version.  While that version is still long; over 26 chapters in 41 hours, I think I can actually get through this one.  Audible to the rescue!!!

So friends, tonight while I express my gratitude toward the Aldible option, please comment on something that you’re grateful for.  As we close in on six months of the Covid19 restrictions, times are tough and there’s a lot of anxiety.  Lets concentrate on what we’re grateful for and keep searching for that shining needle of common ground in that scary haystack of fear.


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