Pay the Coast Guard

As we complete a full month of the longest shut down in American history, we’re hearing about the outrage of our US Coast Guard men and women not being paid.  We’re told that the reason that we need to build a wall is to keep drugs out of the country.  THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE COASTContinue reading “Pay the Coast Guard”


People Out There Looking for Common Ground

Have  you ever googled “common ground,?” It’s amazing.  On Saturday, I googled finding common ground on gun control and found a gold mine.  We’re coming to a time where people are getting fed up with the animosity between the left and the right, to the point where they just want to have constructive conversations. ThereContinue reading “People Out There Looking for Common Ground”

Rest in Peace Mr. President

With the passing of President Bush, we lost another from America’s Greatest Generation.  While some grew up in privilege like President Bush and some grew up like my dad, helping their family scrape through the Great Depression, they all had the same sense of duty.  If they had ever met, Vern Taddei and President BushContinue reading “Rest in Peace Mr. President”

It’s Not a Zero Sum Game

Kathryn and I are basking in the joy of a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, followed up with the joy of decorating our Fratellanza Italian Club for Christmas.  In this week following the fires, we count our blessings of a home that’s safe,  warm, and send our love and prayers to those who hadContinue reading “It’s Not a Zero Sum Game”

It All Circles Back to Sports

Conflict sells.  Whether it political conflict, the Brovo Channel, TMZ, or championship sports teams.  Conflict brings listeners to podcasts and radio talk shows, conflict brings readers to blogs, and conflict brings viewers to cable TV shows.  The Golden State Warriors have a good one going now.  With the reputation of having the best team cultureContinue reading “It All Circles Back to Sports”