Earthquakes and Baseball

San Francisco Giants baseball is in my blood.  For the first 10 years of my life it was Mays, McCovey, Cepada, Marichal and the gang.  While I’m a too young to remember the Giants in the 1962 World Series, second place finishes from 1965 to 1969 still gnaw at me. When the A’s came inContinue reading “Earthquakes and Baseball”


The End of the World?

“DON’T PANIC!” “HOW DO WE COPE WITH THE END OF THE WORLD?”  That was the bold print in the new Culture Section of last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle.  Editor Sarah Feldberg plans on “giving voice to common frustrations, identify shifting norms, and introduce us to characters on the leading edge of their communities.” On SundayContinue reading “The End of the World?”

Navigating Through The Postseason

It happend again.  After playing great baseball for 162 games, the Oakland A’s flammed out in the playoffs getting beat 5-1 by the Tampa Bay Rays in the One Game Wild Card Playoff.  This is the third consecutive time the A’s have lost a game in this format and the ninth time out of tenContinue reading “Navigating Through The Postseason”

Finding Common Ground

This summer has brought more activities in the Better Angels Organization. The name Better Angels came from Abraham Lincoln’s first Inaugural Address where he said, “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell whenContinue reading “Finding Common Ground”

The Heart of the Golden State Warriors

Alameda and the East Bay have had more championships and compelling sports figures than any area has a right to expect. We had the Raiders with Stabler, Madden, and the crew. The A’s with Reggie & Ricky defining two eras. All compelling in their own way, with entirely different personalities and different skill sets.Now weContinue reading “The Heart of the Golden State Warriors”

Golfin in the Rain With My Friends

After years of drought, 2019 is bringing the Bay Area the rain we need and then some.  Today the Alameda Golf Club had our second tournament of the year, my friends,  Matt, Scott, Harry, and me survived a crazy cold rainstorm.  When you’re golfing at the 2019 version of the Corica Park South Course, tournamentsContinue reading “Golfin in the Rain With My Friends”

The Toastmasters Speech Contest

Last night I had the pleasure of competing with two fellow competitors in a Toastmasters speech contest. My friend Louis clearly gave the best speech and won the contest.  That said, I had a great experience stepping out of my comfort zone.  Today’s blog is the text of the speech that I delivered: Finding theContinue reading “The Toastmasters Speech Contest”

The Better Angels State of the Union Address

Thursday night was quite an experience.  Better Angels, whose mission is to depolarize America by hosting workshops that help people who disagree politically find common ground held our own State of the Union Address.  The Address was designed be given two days after the President’s SOTU.  Since heightened polarization caused President Trump’s address to beContinue reading “The Better Angels State of the Union Address”

The Only State of the Union Address in Town

By shutting down the government, President Trump fired the first shot.  Speaker Pelosi retaliated by disinviting President Trump to the House Chambers so he could deliver the State of the Union Address.  President Trump shot back by taking away the government plane that was going to take Speaker Pelosi to visit the troops in Afghanistan. Continue reading “The Only State of the Union Address in Town”