Let's Find Common Ground

Have you ever had a positive conversation with someone after they called you a fascist or a libtard? Kind of puts the kibosh on the whole discussion doesn’t it. We live in a country of over 300 million people, a world of over 7 billion, some of our egos are so big that we feel that our personal views are the only ones that are valid. Many of our egos are so fragile that we’re highly offended by people who simply disagree with us on an issue or have the audacity to vote differently than us. When it happens we either pull out our phone or find the nearest computer and ridicule the offender in nastiest way possible. This is convenient because where far enough removed from the offender that we won’t have to defend our position or learn the nuances of their position. We also get the bonus of seeing positive comments and likes from our social media friends who agree with us. What are we accomplishing? What are we solving? The tragedy is that we’re losing our ability to find common ground with people who see the world differently than us. Day by day, we’re severing our relationship with half the people in our country. It doesn’t have to be that way. Just because two people disagree on a tax or social issue doesn’t mean they can’t find common ground and be part of a solution to another issue. The idea is to have enough curiosity and respect to get into conversation rather than going right to the device to demonstrate how clever we can be.The purpose of this blog is to start the conversation. I’ll be posting things a couple of time a week and inviting contributions that stimulate discussion. Please add your comments. Whether you agree or disagree, keep comments respectful. Let’s see if we can have a good time in our quest for common ground..




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