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Sport Heroes Who Got Their Starts In Oakland, CA

  • November 30, Bill Russell, The Greatest Champion Who Ever Lived
  • November 23, Frank Robinson, Determination, Grit, and Toughness
  • November 15, John Brodie, Thank God My Dad found Oakland
  • November 8, The Impact of Joe Morgan
  • October 26, Leon Monroe, Officiating with Integrity & Passion
  • October 15, Michael Wilhite, The Baseball Mecca of Oakland, Part 2
  • October 8, Michael Wilhite, The Baseball Mecca of Oakland, Part 1
  • September 24, Monte Gordon, From Oakland, CA to Savona, Italy
  • September 14, Rich Griffin,  Jr.  From the Pitching Mound to Calling Balls & Strikes, Part 2
  • September 7,  Rich Griffin, Jr.  From the Pitching Mound to Calling Balls & Strikes, Part 1

Memories Alameda Park League Baseball

  • Episode #8 of 8, August 30, Erick Schullstrom, From Park League to the Bigs
  • Episode #7 of 8, August 21, Ray Ratto, Firing Your Imaginations
  • Episode #6 of 8, August 13, Phil & John Canalin,  Longfellow Park, A Family Affair
  • Episode #5 of 8, July 30, Adrienne Alexander, Cyndi LaCroix, Denise Ratto, and Keri Spaulding talk about leading Alameda Parks.
  • Episode #4 of 8,  July 20, Sam Spear talks about managing youth umpires and publishing the Play Ball section of the Alameda Time Star.
  • Episode #3 of 8, July 16, Franklin Eagle Kin Robles loved Park League Baseball so much, he made a documentary about it.
  • Episode #2 of 8, July 6, Edison, Lincoln, and Krusi, Alumni, James McGee talks about lessons learned during summer days at the park.
  • Episode #1 of 8, June 29, Park League Alumni, Danny Pereira, Kevin Kearney, & Steve Sorensen talk about loving baseball as kids, still playing as seniors.

Thriving Through the Pandemic and Beyond Series

  • Episode #6 of 6, June 22, Relationship Navigational Specialist, Kimi Avary, MA, talks about boys who want to be heroes
  • Episode #5 of 6, June 15, Leadership Coach, Kathi Kulesza gives is ideas on how successful managers are forming more human connections, through the pandemic and beyond.
  • Episode #4 of 6, June 8, Educator, Tyler Tomei describes Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders.
  • Episode #3 of 6,  June 1, Lee Hopkins talks about Turning Harmful Habits into New Possibilities
  • Episode #2 of 6,  May 25, Stephen Box teaches us how we can take our habits from UNSUSTAINABLE to May UNSHAKABLE, even if we don’t have will power.
  • Episode #1 of 6,  May 18, Hypnotherapist, Steve Cohen talks about small changes that add up to big differences.

Forgiveness Series

  • Episode #6 of 6, May 11, Rev. Robin Crawford; “Letting Go of Hurt and Pain”
  • Episode #5 of 6, May 4, Charles Amamiya; “The True Power of Compassion and Forgiveness”
  • Episode #4 of 6, April 27; Dr. Prasad Kaipa; Describes how his Hindu Faith guides his views on forgiveness.
  • Episode #3 of 6, April 20; Rabbi Annette Koch; “Forgiveness: A Journey in Search of Wholeness”
  • Episode #2 of 6, April 6; Imam Ariff Shaik Talks about forgiveness being the key to open the door of compassion.
  • Episode #1 of 6, March 30;  Dr. Jen Tellier Talks about forgiveness through her experiences as a Christian mental health professional‬.

Leadership Series

  • Episode #6 of 6, March 23; Jesse Oakley III talks about the leadership journey he went on with his wife Dana, chairing the 2015 Toastmasters International Convention.
  • Episode #5 of 6, March 16; Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft talks about the leadership journey that led to her role as Mayor of Alameda, CA.
  • Episode 4 of 6, March 9; Carla Fleming talks to us about, “Discovering Our Portfolio of Ideas as We Run Towards the Risk‪”‬
  • Episode #3 of 6, March 2; Kevin Thornton Passes Along Inspiration Through Mentoring and Coaching‬.
  • Episode #2 of 6, February 23; The Inquisitive Path Towards Leadership, with Toastmasters Past International Director, Regie Ford, DTM
  • Episode #1 of 6, February 16; Building Leadrs Around the World, with Toastmasters Past Interntional President, Michael Notaro, DTM
  • Episode #15, February 9; Connecting Through Vulnerability, Kindness, and Bravery, with Teff Ayral
  • Episode #14, January 28; Finding Common Ground on Capitol Hill, With Gary McKinsey
  • Episode #13, December 11;  Thriving in Virtual Meetings, With Ray Engan
  • Episode #12, December 4;  Leadership Lessons From  Toastmasters Past District Director, Teri McDonald, DTM
  • Episode #11, November 3;  Common Ground through Conversation and Community Service, with Angie Watson-Hajjem
  • Episode #10, September 12;  An Interview with Relationship Coach, Workshop Organizer, and Fellow Toastmaster, Lisa Fairchild
  • Episode#9, June 18;  Finding Common Ground in the SF Bay Area; Guests Carlos Hernandez and Emily Fathom
  • Episode #8, May 13; Citizens Who Are Part of the Solution, with Joyce Simmonds, Making Masks to Fight Covid19
  • Episode #7, April 14; with Vickie Bockenkamp, Founder of Power Tools for Learning
  • Bonus Episode; As we control what we can control, let’s earn the optimism that will help us find the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Episode #6 with Jim Hager,  Volunteer Pilot with Angel Flights West
  • Episode #5 with Erica Etelson,   Author of “Beyond Contempt,” How Liberals Can Communicate Across the Great Divide.
  • Episode # 4 San Francisco”s MYEEP Program, with Toastmasters Past District Governor, Tyree Johnson, DTM
  • Episode #3 with Charles Amemiya, Toastmasters in San Quentin
  • Episode # 2 with Gina Cefalu, “Teaching Communication and Leadership in Prison”
  • Episode #1 with Joe Loparo, “Depolarizing America with Better Angels”

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