Negro League Ballplayers Who Have Been Awarded The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

On our March 15 show, my lifelong friend Wayne Turner is going to join me on the radio show to acknowledge the five Negro Leaguers who have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Henry Aaron, Ernie Banks, Buck O’Neil, Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson. We’ll also going to give a shout out to Roberto Clemente and Frank Robinson, who were awarded the Medal but did not play in the Negro Leagues.

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Settlement in Major League Baseball; With the lockout ending last week, it looks as if MLB will have a 162 game season. The two issues that I have an opinion on are the universal DH and revenue sharing. I guess the National League bringing in the DH was inevitable, my biggest concern was the impact on strategy. You have to Aces pitching into the 8th inning, the game’s tied 1-1 with the pitching spot coming up. Do I have a pinch hitter lead off the inning and lose my Ace for the rest of the game? That’s a difficult decision that doesn’t have to be made anymore. Those types of decisions actually went away when analytics convinced managers not to let their starters go more than four or five innings.

Revenue sharing STINKS. While the theory of making sure small market teams have the funds to be competitive makes sense, its a loophole that teams like the Oakland A’s take advantage of. With the A’s San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose Market is #6 TV market in the country, they are NOT A SMALL MARKET TEAM! Las Vegas, the city of their dreams is ranked #40. Accessing revenue share money is as much a part of their business model as turning over their roster on a regular bases. I’ve been an A’s fan for 53 years but I’d rather they move to Vegas than fleece the City of Oakland like Al Davis did.

As I’ve been mentioning, I’ve been disagreeing with people who said that the lockout meant no-baseball. There was plenty of Pac 12 Baseball The Arizona Wildcats took 2 out of 3 from the Cal Bears. After Cal scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Wildcats on Friday, Arizona beat up on the Bears, 10-4 on Saturday and 13-5 on Sunday. The Wildcats have an All-American catcher named Danial Susac who hit two homeruns with 5 RBIs in the 1st inning on Sunday.

Friday and Saturday, I watched The Savanah Bananas My favorite part of the game was when the Bananas brought former MLB pitcher Bill Spaceman Lee into pitch an inning. While I’m going to continue to watch the Bananas and support Banana owner Jesse Cole’s goal of increasing the entertainment value of a baseball game, I was watching so much entertainment, I have now idea who won the two games. Along with the entertainment, I need the tension of competition.

On Friday, my friends, Harry, Griff, & I had some fun watching High School Baseball. The Alameda Hornets (my school) beat the Encinal Jets 9-1. It was a fun rivalry game that brought out many from the community.

So the MLB Lockout that started on December 1 was settled on March 10. I’m happy it’s settled, I hope the Giants have another great year, and during the lockout, I found a lot more baseball options. #TheSavanahBananas #CalBears #Pac12 #AlamedaHornets #EncinalJets.

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