The Impact of Andrew “Rube” Foster

Every Tuesday, 9:00 Pacific, Noon Eastern; The March 8th show features, a discussion with historian, teacher, and author, Phil S. Dixon on Hall of Famer, Andrew “Rube” Foster. Foster is the only person who played professional baseball, managed a professional baseball team, owned a professional baseball team and presided over an entire league.

Please also check the schedule 365 sportscast website for when the show is re-broadcasted.

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The show will also feature a conversation with my friend Tyree Johnson about the current Major League baseball lockout. There are many reasons that I think the current lockout could do some permanent damage to Major League Baseball.

I’m of the opinion that whether there’s major league baseball or not, there’s plenty of baseball to be watched. If you’re interested in alternatives, to Major League Baseball, I have some resources for you. Please send me your resources:

Tuesday March 8, USC at Cal Bears 5:05

Friday March 11, Arizona at Cal Bears 5:05

Saturday March 12, Arizona at Cal Bears 3:05 PM

Sunday March 13, Arizona at Cal Bears 1:05

If you can’t attend the game, there are live streaming opportunities.

The Savannah Bananas and Kansas City Monarchs are two fun baseball teams to keep your eye on this year. Please check out their websites to check out:

Please tune into our shows on 365 or on Apple iTunes.

Lets find that shining needle of common ground in that haystack of fear.

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