Week in Review, July 25-31

This week we released new episodes for “The Alameda Park series and “The Golden Age of Self Expression.” On Tuesday, Adrienne Chaix Alexander, Cyndi LaCroix, Denise Ratto, and Keri Spaulding talked about the experiences they had, leadership lessons they learned, and the life long friendships they made while serving the Alameda Parks as young adults. On Thursday, Bett and Steve Bollhoefer spoke about how they express themselves, particularly through music and dance. Bett also shared with us how movement, mindfullness, and music help her manage life’s pressures and handle them with grace.

Since both of these series have been so well received, we’re going to re-release Episode #1 on Alameda Park League Baseball, with Danny Pereira, Kevin Kearney, and Steve Sorensen and Episode #1 of “The Golden Age of Self Expression” with Ashley Orlando. We’ll be back next week with new episodes of both series.

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