Gratitude Challenge Day 36 of 100. “Ways Facebook has Enhanced my life.”

This is the post that Art sent me today.

“I am doing a challenge to name my favorite 13 athletes of all time. One athlete per day over 13 Days. No explanation, no reviews, just a photo. I’d rather see sports than politics on Facebook. Every day I will ask someone else to do the same. Today is day 1 for me.”

The key sentence is that many of us posting photos of athletes, would rather see more sports politics on Facebok. This makes me grateful for two things.

The first, is the obvious. Politics on Facebook is driving me nutts. The next person whose mind is changed by a Facebook post will be the first. While I have my candidate of choice this year, the photo of Barry shooting the jumper is more attractive mine or any other politician standing behind a podium. The photo I posted today of Willie Mays soothes my soul more than a photo of anyone running for office.

Second, I’m grateful that Facebook keeps me in contact with people like Art. About 30 years ago, Art & I were members of the Jaycees and became close friends. Life took us in different directions before we connected last year on Facebook. We talked on the phone once and have stayed in contact through our posts. Art has no idea what my political beliefs are and I don’t know his. The fact is, I don’t think it would matter one way or another if we found out we were on opposite ends of the spectrum. We have our common ground through Jaycees and sports.

How has social media been good for you? Who are you pleased to have reconnected with?Have you attempted to or been able to keep your sanity while seeing all of the Facebook brawls? Please write your comments about social media below and also leave your comments on what you’re grateful for. Let’s keep looking for that shining needle of common ground in that scary haystack of fear.


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