Gratitude Challenge Day 30 of 100 Braver Angels

Today I’m grateful for Braver Angels.  As I’ve mentioned before, we bring reds (people who identify themselves as conservative) and blues, (people who identify themselves as liberal) together to have conversations that are facilitated by non-partisan moderators. We have Trump supporters, Biden supporters, Republican, “never Trumpers,” Bernie supporters and every other persuasion that you can think of. The goal is not to change people’s mind. We encourage people to stay true to their views with the goal of finding the humanity in those whose views are different.
The reason I’m grateful for Braver Angels is that with both national conventions in the books, as expected, the Democrats and Republicans are in complete agreement. The message from both parties is that if you vote for the other side, America is finished. Isn’t this fun? They’re telling us that we’re either going to live in fascism or anarchy. In the midst of all the anxiety, I’ve been listening and reading the ideas of Leadership Coach Simon Sinek and his ideas about infinite thinking vs finite thinking.
Sinek argues that finite thinking is what we see in modern business. “All will be OK if we just hit our end of quarter numbers.” With finite thinking we look no further than the end of the quarter. Once we see the numbers, those who don’t get fired, start another death sprint through the next quarter.
Both parties are experts at finite thinking. ON NOVEMBER 3, WE NEED TO WIN BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. The dirty little secret is, no matter who wins on November 3rd, the death spring to 2024 will immediately start. The next four years will be spent with the losing side throwing crap at the winning side and the winning side throwing crap back at them with none of us being served.
I believe that Braver Angels is an example of infinite thinking.  Yes, we’re going to have an election on Novmber 3.  Some are going to be happy with the results and some will be unhappy.  It’s in our best interests to find the humanity in our fellow citizens who voted differently.
There are Braver Angel Alliances in all 50 states with a thriving alliance in Alameda that I co-chair with Emily Fathom.  We have a lot of activities between now, and the election, and beyond.  Please look at the website and message me if you’d like more information, and let’s find that shining needle of common ground in that scary haystack of fear.

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